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At Affordable Prices! 

 Mixing + Mastering Services (Starting @ $100 per song)

We provide professional mixing services to singers, rappers, producers and labels who need quality affordable masters that can be uploaded to major streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music.  We make sure your vocals are the star of the show and we will also be honest with you if something in the song needs to be rerecorded.  We make the beats bang without distortion and giving you clear clean vocals. We focus on bringing your songs to life, we take your great performances and give you a fully mastered songs that can be released.

What You Get With Your Mixing Services

  • Industry Standard Mastering

  • HQ mp3 & WAV Mixdown

  • Unlimited Revisions (Within Reason)

  • Auto & Manual Pitch Correction

  • Instrumental Mixdown

  • Acapella Mixdown

Advanced Analog Sounding EQ & Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using industry leading plugins. Includes Advanced Mixing Techniques and creativity.

Mixing + Mastering Service

Mastering ($20 per song)

We provide artist with quality affordable mastering services.  We master your song to sound good on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music.  We give you that final assurance that your music is ready to be streamed.  

Bob Blunt

Denver City Sound