Vibrato Music Group Inc. (VMG)  has worked with a variety of artist covering electronic, rock, hip hop, R&B and pop genres.  We operate our Colorado based record label, publishing, production, and branding company to produce music content for fans worldwide.  Our goal is to provide fans with quality songs and innovative sounding records.   

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Rough Kashmere

A little rough around the edges and a little fuzzy inside, this rock band delivers fresh new rock to the Mile High! With influences of metal, rock, hip hop and funk this high energy group will elevate your senses and have you wanting more. 

Formed in 2016, the potential in this project has just begun. A collaboration of the smooth and funky with a heavy edge has carved out something different and new for this rock band. What's the bands ultimate goal? To create the best possible music with no Limitations!!

In 2017 Rough Kashmere signed a deal with Vibrato Music Group Inc to release their first Worldwide single "Our Disease" Check it out on Itunes, Spotify, You Tube and more!!

Rough Kashmere is: Ronald Whalen - Vocals, Forest Citrowske - Bass, Brenden Lean - Guitar, Anthony Hester - Drums.   

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Tommy McMillian got his start at Columbia Middle School where he attended band classes where he picked up the Trumpet.  This would lead him to join the Rangeview Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band. This provided him with the opportunity to perform hundreds of shows in front of thousands of people. He would latter go on to teach high school percussion ensembles that became championship groups. He was also part of indie band Ransom before forming the producer/DJ name VMG.
He created the company McMillian Records in January of 2012, later naming the company Vibrato Music Group Inc. and forming the brand VMG as a producer/DJ. This would allow the producer to collaborate with various artist, also to utilize his skills as percussionist, songwriters, producers and mix engineers to create the VMG sound.

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Debu dwak

Why not do this ourselves? That was the question posed in 2016 when Tommy McMillian and Forest Citrowske joined forces to create "Debu Dwak." Yes, I know the name is a bit strange, but that seems to be fine with the members, as they are looking to create something new and fresh in a world of nothing but the same. Both Tommy & Forest have extensive musical backgrounds and many different styles & influences. Tommy does all the lead vocals, drums and keys, programming/mixing and engineering. Forest plays all the bass guitar, lead & rhythm guitar and backing vocals. For now Debu Dwak is mainly a recording project, but the future holds endless possibilities!